These General Conditions for Training Seminars for SCUBAPRO Spain Technicians constitute the Contract applicable to the training services offered by FLOW CHECK BUCEO, SL, hereinafter FLOW CHECK, with registered office at Cardenal Reig street number 13, CP 08028 in Barcelona, and CIF B-73625485 and the professional clients who adhere to them through the electronic acceptance of this document through the accession form.



Establish a regulation within the current legal framework that establishes the procedures and channels that will govern the commercial relationship between FLOW CHECK and the attached professional clients, as well as the payment conditions.




Attendees of the training seminars must be full-time contract workers at any of the authorized dealers or SEA dive centers. For membership, the company manager must fill out the membership form, accept these general conditions and fill in the informed consent, as well as the FLOW CHECK data protection policy.


To attend a LEVEL 2 training seminar, it will be necessary to prove that you have completed an official SCUBAPRO training seminar in the 2 years immediately prior to the date of the seminar you request. Accreditation will be carried out by presenting the original certificate, or, in the absence of this certificate, if the Commercial Manager of SCUBAPRO so communicates in writing.


The person in charge of the company requesting the training seminar will be, consequently, responsible for any irregularity or falsity in the documentation provided, and the person or persons registered by him may lose the right to carry out the training seminar, regardless of legal responsibilities. that could be derived by these facts. In no case will FLOW CHECK or SCUBAPRO be responsible for any breach of these conditions, both being able to exercise their rights of claim in case of damage to them.

The inscription to the training seminars will be confirmed at the moment in which the companies satisfy the amount of the same, the mere presentation of the electronic form of adhesion does not guarantee the place until the 3 steps have been verified, complete the form, acceptance of the conditions and the informed consent, and payment of the cost of the seminar. The invoice for the courses will be processed in the name of the company that holds the status of Authorized Distributor or SEA Diving Center, no invoices will be made to individuals with the exception of Natural Persons in the Autonomous Regime who hold the status of Authorized Distributor or Center BE.




The companies participating in the training seminars must be in possession of a complete set of tools which can be acquired through SCUBAPRO France by contacting the telephone service at the free number 900 993 316, or request it directly from the Commercial Manager SCUBAPRO in Spain. Attendees who do not have the necessary tools will not be admitted, losing any right to reimbursement of the amount paid.



The Client must notify FLOW CHECK BUCEO, S.L. any change in your data. To correct any error or modify the data provided through our service request form, send us an email to the address, including in the subject the reference “PRO MODIFICATION OF DATA”.







The registered attendee who, for whatever reason, could not attend the training seminar will be entitled to a full or partial refund of the seminar price according to the following conditions: -In case of communicating the waiver of the seminar 21 or more calendar days before the start of the seminar, the full amount paid will be refunded. -In case of communicating the waiver of the seminar between 16 and 20 calendar days before the start of the seminar, fifty percent of the amount paid will be refunded. -In case of communicating the waiver of the seminar 15 or less calendar days before the start of the seminar, the amount paid will not be refunded. The resignation from the place in a training seminar must be made in writing via email to indicating in the subject "unsubscribe SCUBAPRO", in case the mail is sent outside of FLOW CHECK business hours, it will be considered as the date of entry the next business day.



FLOW CHECK is the company that certifies for SCUBAPRO Spain the training of people who carry out the training seminars. FLOW CHECK may carry out a test in order to evaluate the training of any of the seminar attendees in the event that difficulties are observed in achieving the objectives of the seminar. In the event that any of the people attending fails to achieve the objectives, their attendance at the seminar will be certified but not the training to carry out maintenance work on SCUBAPRO equipment. It will be an essential requirement to attend in person all the hours of the training seminar, attendees must sign an attendance sheet every time they start and end a session of the seminar, that is, at the entrances and exits at the beginning, lunch break and departure. Compliance with face-to-face assistance is necessary to carry out the training certificate.




The training manuals used during the seminars are protected by Copyright and their reproduction or copying by any means as well as the dissemination of the contents is expressly prohibited.


During the training seminars it is not allowed to take photographs or videos of the FLOW CHECK facilities, but not in the training room, where it will be allowed to take photographs. The use of mobile phones during the training seminars is a lack of respect for the rest of the attendees and for the person who teaches it, so its use will be limited to the established breaks.




This Contract is governed by Spanish law. To the extent permitted by law, the parties expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.




Barcelona, ​​January 2, 2020


The Manager of Flow Check Buceo, S.L. Ricardo J. Díaz

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