In situations of stress during a dive, diving with a current against, disorientation or loss of the partner, entering confined environments etc., our heart rate accelerates and our breathing is faster. If our regulator does not work correctly, either by not having passed the review on time or by having been poorly calibrated, we can suffer a diving accident, so every review I do is a craft work aimed at the welfare of our customers.



Technical support of AQUA LUNG España, APEKS and SUUNTO

Flow Check has shown day to day to be a technical service worthy of the trust of Aqua Lung, being Authorized Service for regulators in peninsular Spain, the quality levels offered in the works, as well as its facilities and machinery, and especially the emission of a certificate in each review they perform, they make it not only an Authorized Service, but recommended.



Safe diving involves doing it with technique, knowledge and good material, and in this last, the good maintenance of our regulators and jackets is crucial. In Rivemar, we have spent thousands of hours repairing regulators for our own service and for our clients. But since Flow Check offered us the maintenance service, we decided to outsource this work, because good maintenance requires careful attention and Flow Check gives us the guarantee of an excellent maintenance and now we can devote more to our main function which is the training of technical recreational divers and instructors, instead of spending hours in the workshop.


RegionalDirector of EURO DIVERS SPAIN

For us, safety comes first, that's why we trust Flow Check our equipment, for its professionalism, quality and its magnificent facilities.



Instructor IANTD andMember of the board of directors of CIAS of Madrid 


Currently in the world of diving is difficult to find professionals in which deposit your safety under water, especially for the maintenance and repair of equipment and regulators. Flow Check has amply covered this gap that so many divers and Diving Clubs demanded, focusing on professionalism and seriousness in the maintenance of regulators and making the passion for diving and material, a way of life.


Underwater photographer SGFOTO


​In order to enjoy the tranquillity and safety of underwater photography, I need full confidence in the equipment. That trust is what they have given me in Flow Check with personalized service and the guarantee of the main brands.


Instructor Tech Dive UTD and Director She Dives

After ten years dedicated to this sector I am very aware of the importance of the evolutionary pyramid as a diver and as a professional. It consists of four blocks: EDUCATION: nobody is born with self-knowledge. THE COMMUNITY: the social part of diving is what really makes it fun. THE EXPERIENCE: the knowledge is based on practice. THE MATERIAL: most of us think that the material is eternal and lasting, and in the vast majority of cases it is like that, but for this to be fulfilled it must have a correct maintenance. That's why my advice is that you let yourself be advised by a professional in the sector, in this case Flow Check, will offer you good service and trust.



SSI Instructor Trainer 63142

Seeing my regulators return to my hands cleaner and nicer than when they were new, is something worthwhile. I choose Flow Check to check my diving equipment because I choose perfection and professionalism.

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