The end of the season arrives and you must save the diving equipment, how you do it will depend its good condition in the future. There are diving companies that already offer their customers the service of equipment cleaning and conservation during the winter, in case you prefer to do it yourself let me explain some things that might interest you.

The suit, regardless of the type, is convenient to wash. The wet ones can go to the washing machine with mild soap and using cold water and a program of delicate clothing. Pay attention to the metal zippers, I close them to avoid snagging in the drum of the washing machine.

Dry suits can be washed by hand, with a hose (or in the bath) and neutral soap, inside and outside. Let them dry in a ventilated place and not exposed to direct sunlight because the sleeves and latex necks can be affected. Before saving it is necessary to lubricate the suit, following carefully the manufacturer's recommendations, zippers, collars and sleeves and try that them doesn’t be very tight in their bags.



Mask, tubes, fins and other parts of the light equipment, wash them with abundant water and let them dry before storing them, trying not to form wrinkles that could give shapes to the silicone pieces. For the jacket follow the process explained in the first chapter but be more meticulous. Keep it, once dry inside and outside, with a little air inside. The regulator is the most expensive piece (usually it is) and most important of our equipment (it keeps us alive underwater). Once the season is finished rinse it thoroughly, let it dry hung by the second stage along with the octopus and the manometer, which you can attach with a piece of rope. Before using it again you have to do the maintenance in an official technical service authorized by the brand, as recommended by the manufacturer. Finally, avoid storing the equipment in places that contain chemical vapours or combustion fumes (garages, boiler rooms, etc.) since these chemical agents usually attack the silicones and gums of our equipment (including O-rings). 


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