A diving computer is a delicate machine. We can avoid the wear of it’s batteries and components taking into account just a few considerations.



1. READ THE MANUFACTURER'S INSTRUCTIONS, many times we buy a certain diving computer because some more experienced partner has it, and that sometimes makes us ask to this person how works the computer instead of reading the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer. In this way we will know the handling, but in no way the advice of the manufacturer nor the recommendations, or worse, the conditions of the guarantee.


2. DEACTIVATE THE DIVING MODE, when we do not dive and wear the dive computer, we can put a lot of work to it if we have the "DIVE ON" mode when, for example, we swim in the pool. If you look carefully, when the sensors detect humidity, a signal is usually on the screen, but DIVE mode is not activated until we have reached a certain level, in some models from 50 cm, in others even before. Every time we take a stroke when swimming, we are submerging the computer a few centimetres, which, added to the pressure we can exert when we move the arm against the water, is enough to activate the DIVE mode. Then the program starts (yes, of course, what we carry is a computer) and, this operation can be repeated with each stroke, which can cause fatigue in the sensors in addition to a premature discharge of the battery.

3. DO NOT HIT THE COMPUTER, some diving computers are attached to the HP hose, have air management and in some cases have a fast connection similar to the one that has the hose of the corrugated hoses. When carrying this connection, we should only take care to connect it when getting inside the water but if it is not, in computers that do not have this connection you have to be careful when moving the equipment once mounted. Try always to protect from blows (on the inside of the jacket, for example) and that others do not hit. Avoid dragging them through the sand, in case our equipment is too heavy we will always find a partner willing to collaborate, our equipment will be grateful and also our back.

4. RINSING IT, but not with hot water, to avoid sudden changes in temperature that may affect the sensors.

5. TAKE IT TO THE OFFICIAL SERVICE, normally to change the batteries usually have to go to the official service. In some cases, the user can change the battery but be sure to also change and put grease to the O-ring. Although for what usually cost the computers and the price in the official service it is worthwhile that they do it for us, in addition to carrying out a hydrostatic test that guarantees us its water tightness. 


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